Part of Rendition’s mission is to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment by utilizing sustainable development practices, employing energy efficiency, and taking advantage of green technology with each of its projects. We endeavor to use sustainable materials whenever possible.

Some recent examples include:

Mass Timber:Cross-laminated timber was used at our project on Main and 41st, supplied by British Columbia based Kalesnikoff Timber. Mass timber avoids the CO2 generated in the production of building materials such as concrete and steel, and sequesters massive amounts of carbon by tying up the wood in buildings for decades or even longer, perhaps in perpetuity.

Prefabricated/Modular/Panelized Systems
: Created in a warehouse and assembled on site, this type of construction saves time and reduces impact to the neighbouring areas. Modular construction ranges from panelized (such as our project The Flats) to fully finished modular units.