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By January 9, 2015Blog

Happy 2015!

To make up for having stretched out my blogging holiday well into the new year I am offering up a blog sandwich today… well technically more like two pieces of blog toast – with butter.

Let me take you on a walk-through of the Yardarm Building at Ontario and Sixth.


view from the street

The view from the street: glazing going in, and concrete remediation in full swing.



parking level pretty much completed.

The parking level is pretty much all completed.


prepping for drywall

Prepping for drywall on the first floor.


second floor _1

second floor _2

Second floor progress.­­­­­­­­­


second floor view

The view from the second floor.


third floor view

The third floor.


And onto the roof!

rooftop looking south

Looking south:

rooftop looking west

Looking west:


rooftop looking north

Looking north:


Another beautiful day in the city.