It’s Tree House Friday!

By November 28, 2014Blog


As a kid I LOVED The Swiss Family Robinson TV show. Yes, utterly cheese-tastic 1970’s TV but, come on… the tree house!  Who didn’t want to live in the tree house?

So, I scrounged all the boards I could from around our house.  Straightened all the bent nails my dad gave me – did parents know how to keep kids occupied back them or what? Then, I set out to build something like this:

(Photo via (Photo via

But ended up with something like this:


(That’s Janet from next door, see how impressed she is.)

Strangely, this did not damper my enthusiasm for tree houses or tree house building.  Hence – Tree House Friday. Enjoy.

A tree house for dining: Yellow TreeHouse Restaurant in Aukland New Zealand.

(Photo via worldarchitecture (Photo via worldarchitecture

An abandoned tree house

(Photo via (Photo via

And an extreme tree house

(Photo via (Photo via