Island Time

By December 15, 2015Blog

West Coast Road Cabin renovation
West Coast Road Cabin renovation

Island time. It’s an expression that has taken on new meaning. A transition begins as you pull onto the ferry in Tsawwassen. From swearing at traffic and hoping you time the lane-change at the tunnel right, to watching out the ferry window for whales and letting your shoulders sink down away from your earlobes. And breathing, not just the stingy upper-diaphragm gulps, but all the way into the bottom of your stomach.

That’s the experience we want to create for the owners of the West Coast Road project – a “get away” that really gets you away from hustle of the city and into the quiet and refreshment of a retreat by ocean.

The other aspect of “island time” is the very practical timing and planning adjustment required for the project. Calls to the planning department, water department, sewer developers, tree cutters and all follow the same pattern. Us: So, when do you think we can have that by? Them: Oh… a couple weeks.

I kid you not – every, single time. “A couple weeks.” But the thing is, they mean it. And sure enough, with a two week schedule in play, things get done in that two week window. We’ve got the site survey plan, the geotechnical report, the environmental report, the Archeology Branch Report is complete, the driveway application approved, the trees that needed to be taken down are down, and the initial site clearing booked.

the view at sunrise


We have an initial floorplan for the cabin renovation and the owners have made a start on picking finishes.

Current foot print for the cabin
Current foot print for the cabin

initial floorplan