I Love a Good Staircase

By January 15, 2015Blog

It’s one of those architectural elements which you can either take for granted or elevate to an artistic and innovative expression.

I am always on the lookout for great staircase ideas.

I really like the clean lines and simple materials on this one. This is definitely the kind of thing I would have in my own house… were I to build a new house anytime soon:


(Photo via VSCO Grid/ Visual Supply Co) (Photo via VSCO Grid/ Visual Supply Co)


The other end of the spectrum is this golden, ornate one:


(Photo via mbfirefly on flickr ) (Photo via mbfirefly on flickr )


This innovative one from Faraone, the Italian manufacturer is beautiful and a bit terrifying at the same time:


(Photo via faroane.it ) (Photo via faroane.it )


And for function and charm, this one from a bookseller’s in Venice:


( Photo via flickr.com ) ( Photo via flickr.com )